Hands off – this gals off on an adventure

It seems just yesterday I queued nervously outside the exam room waiting to sit my practical exam to become a sports and remedial massage therapist, yet this year marks a decade of working my fingers to the bone, quite literally, to build a little business I feel really proud to be a part of. Surviving the recession, the explosion of therapists offering “sports massage” despite very little training and the boom of the internet where technology outstrips our ability to keep up.

When I qualified I made a throw away comment, if I made it to 10 years as a sports massage therapist I would take a sabbatical. Little did I know how much in need both my body and my brain would be for just such a break. My style of treatment is to unpick a problem, mainly within the fascia, a rather demanding load on the fingers, but also realising that sometimes those problems have a human attached who may be impeding their own progress. Finding ways to structure a conversation to put a spotlight on those repetitive behaviours that cause some of our underlying issues can be quite challenging, especially within a community of folk who either know it all or are Google Doctors. As I have been known to quote “Stubborn injuries often belong to stubborn owners”.

So for the summer, the only stubborn person I will be dealing with is ME. I’m taking a completely hands off approach, no client treatments, no booking anyone in, in fact I am giving my phone to a lovely little remote PA company who will manage all the bookings for the clinic while I am away and the two wonderful therapists who work with me will pick up my workload.

As for my little adventure, I have something up my sleeve which hopefully will make it a bit more interesting to follow and there’s a fun bit for kids to get involved with too. More on this later, but for now it is a month until I hop onto a plane to go and cycle across American. Solo, unsupported and racing for no prize money, points or trophee, just the Kudos of having done something completely nuts.

Queue: total panic mode.

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