Not all superheroes wear capes. Mine has a bonce-back button #RideForAReason

Being an adult is much like being a child. Life is much more fun when you have a hero, but unlike childhood hero’s ours are real life folk.

One of the magical features of my real-life hero is the “Bounce-back Button”. I’ve tried to casually look to see if I can see it, but it must be hidden somewhere special. For without this bounce-back button, I can’t possibly see how my hero has survived all that’s been thrown at him.

Our paths crossed on a training ride several years ago, where I was quite literally breathing out of every pore in my body while a knee swept past my ear in rapid fire as I clung on for grim death. His “hello” was greeted with a single grunt and I’m surprised we got beyond my single syllable response, but boy am I glad we did.

I don’t mind that he has no cape, it’s not very aerodynamic and would mostly like get caught up in the massive cogs which drive this machine, for there is no other way to describe this man.

When I did triathlon back in my younger years, I would drop down to about 45kgs, that’s just scraping above 7stone and for my 5ft4 frame, my friends would try and feed me up to put some meat on my bones. So I can’t imagine what it must feel like for a 6ft2 bloke to be a mere 38kgs (just shy of 6 stone).

But deep down in those cogs must be a massive bounce-back button

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