Sports Massage

Live to work, or work to live? Luckily I get to do both. Growing up playing sport (a total of 8 different sports in one school year), means sports has always played a huge part of my life, so finding a job so closely integrated into sport means my job is also my passion.

Sports Massage in London has grown massively from when I started, going from only 3 of us in the City to now having 5 clinics just on London Wall, where I’ve been for the past 3 years. In 8 years it’s gone from the back rooms of serviced office space, shunned by mainstream medics to the must have of every physio, chiropractic, osteopathic clinic and bike shop.

Hard work and dedication of leading schools, such as the London School of Sports Massage, have set the standards for providing a clinical process to treating soft tissue injuries, demonstrating that specialist knowledge can make a difference to treating injuries which are not responding to other modalities. Working standards and recognition in the wider medical arena are largely thanks to organisations such as the Institute of Sports and Remedial Massage, who have driven the qualification standards to a level not achieved previously, gaining level 5 BTEC standard took over 15 years of dedicated work by a team of tutors who never left the clinical environment, meaning teaching methods closely followed the treatment results being seen in clinic.

My eight years as a sports and remedial massage therapist and sports massage tutor have seen some of the biggest changes in research into the field of soft tissue and my excitement being at the leading edge of Fascial Treatment, or myofascial release work means the treatments we are now doing are bringing about changes in weeks where previously it took months.

While I plough through a years worth of fascial research, developing new treatment methods and planning a training course in Fascial Fitness, I have put my bike aside for the day, knowing I am still working on my fitness, in a manner of speaking.

Visit us at 1 Throgmorton Ave, London, EC2N 2JJ or book in at our London Sports Massage clinic.

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