Final weigh in and cheesy grin time @transambikerace

What’s been a year in planning is now finally here and there’s no turning back. A years worth of planning, testing and really tightening the screws on my logistically challenged brain – most normal folk would probably get this done in a third of the time – the bike is loaded up with what I think I might need. This could quite realistically not be everything I need, but hey they have shops in America, it’s not like I’m off to Antarctica.

My main goal, given I weigh a tuppence, was to keep the bike as light as possible. My power to weight ratio is seriously taking a knocking on this style of riding. So here is it, minus the water, which we can add 1kg to the final weigh-in: 16.75kg. My goal was less than 18kg, so over the moon and thus sporting a very cheesy grin, or is it the strain of holding the bike for a photo.

I will blog up my kit when I get back, but just as a taster, on the rig I have:
Tent, sleepingbag and roll mat
A little off-the-bike outfit – one has standards to maintain, includes a pair of fold up flipflops
Warm puffa clothes & thermals
The smallest toiletry bag in the history of woman’s travel
First aid kit and medication
Toolkit for bike fixing
Dynamo & lights, can charge my iPhone and Garmin (well I hope it will)
Cycling kit, one set for the whole way across, hope it’s not too cold
Waterproof stuff for cycling
Radio for getting the low down on local music, yee haa bring on the Country muzak

As Dolly Parton once said: “The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain!” And “I always thought if you see someone without a smile, just give them yours”.

So there you go, chase rainbows with a smile on your face.

Happy and safe cycling to all my fellow TransAm racers, looking forward to meeting you, beating you (hahaha only joking) and eating with you (the most important part of this ride).

Eat, cycle, laugh, sleep, repeat.20140602-153852-56332733.jpg


4 thoughts on “Final weigh in and cheesy grin time @transambikerace

  1. You’re fantastic Peta, we’ll be following your adventures from afar, but on the same continent. Good luck

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