Kit review: Barmitts – no gloves for winter

The most important aspect of this test was the “do I look like a dork” section. Peaks on helmets and valve caps are big no no’s on the road bike – never substitute substance for style, I have been told. I’ve even had my peak cap and helmet straightened up for photos. The key partContinue reading “Kit review: Barmitts – no gloves for winter”

Are @use_exposure lights worth £300 #readme before you buy a light

At £300 a pop, Exposure’s top lights are not so light on the pocket, but are they worth the hefty price tag? Many product reviews come out with a few weeks or months of testing and then get a few stars next to their product. My Exposure Toro (the big daddy of lighting up theContinue reading “Are @use_exposure lights worth £300 #readme before you buy a light”