Transcontinental Race

Transcon RaceDate :  9 August 2014
Route :  London to Istanbul
Distance : 2000 miles (3,200km) (minimum)

Missing out on the inaugural race in 2013, I am back to put this baby to bed. After literally months of planning for 2013’s race I made the tough decision to attend the two weddings during the same time, which put paid to my only race for the year. So whats this all about?

It’s a solo, unsupported race from London to Istanbul, coming in at around 2000 miles. The organisers provide a start and finish point and three check points on route. That’s it, the rest is up to the rider to sort out:
Plan your own route
Find your own Food and drink and accommodation along the way
Decide how, when you rest

Not all my planning is lost from last year as the check point changes fit in with my route planning from last year, with a few minor deviations for the Paris check point. I’m a year on with testing out stuff and finally got my navigational head on straight on my ride to the wedding in Dax this year.

So I say: Bring it on! Plus there are a few more ladies racing. I would say definitely follow this race, I know a few of the chaps who have entered and it’s going to be a very closely contested race.

Transcontinental website is here

Racing tracking is here (will post link when it goes live)

View one of the 2013 videos from the race

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