Report your near misses

I listened with interest to someone from TfL saying how strongly the AA and RAC lobby for motorists rights, ensuring the vehicle remains King on our roads. They have stats to hand which they can use to defend their rights, promote their mode of transport and ensure their members needs are taken care of.

Without stats, cyclists have little information to lobby change for safer cycling. The number of near misses I have in my 45 minute commute too and from work is quite worrying, yet today I experience a near miss too far. I am still sitting here wondering how I am alive. An Addison Lee taxi could not wait 2 seconds, I was some way ahead of him and had eased up to allow the car ahead to move left to come around the car turning right. The Addison Lee driver sped up to try and squeeze through the gap. I was right up against the curb and a glance down at my handlebars showed a 2cm clearance between his car and me. I was doing around 30kph at the time, so was not a slow cyclist holding up traffic.

Even though I didn’t manage to get his number plate, I decided to report this “cycling near miss” to RoadSafeLondon, a system set up by the Metropolitan Police to report such incidents.

Report your cycling near misses here:

Please encourage your riding mates to do so too. The more stats we can build up on the cycling near misses we accept as part of our daily commute, the stronger our case for lobbying a change in the law to give cyclists real protection, as they have in countries like Denmark, the Netherlands and France. They once had unsafe roads for cyclists and it took a change in the law to stop needless deaths.

One thought on “Report your near misses

  1. Thanks for the post, I didn’t know about the RoadSafeLondon website so I will report a recent near miss I had on Marble Arch roundabout there.

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