Paris Brest Paris – I’m frikkin doing it! #PBP2015

  When I heard about Paris-Brest-Paris way back in 2006, I thought, ah man I’ve got to do that and parked it in the back of my mind. I dont think bucket lists were fashionable back then. Paris-Brest-Paris (PBP) is the oldest bike race, superceeding Paris-Roubaix by five years, kicking off before the turn of theContinue reading “Paris Brest Paris – I’m frikkin doing it! #PBP2015”

Final weigh in and cheesy grin time @transambikerace

What’s been a year in planning is now finally here and there’s no turning back. A years worth of planning, testing and really tightening the screws on my logistically challenged brain – most normal folk would probably get this done in a third of the time – the bike is loaded up with what IContinue reading “Final weigh in and cheesy grin time @transambikerace”

Hands off – this gals off on an adventure

It seems just yesterday I queued nervously outside the exam room waiting to sit my practical exam to become a sports and remedial massage therapist, yet this year marks a decade of working my fingers to the bone, quite literally, to build a little business I feel really proud to be a part of. SurvivingContinue reading “Hands off – this gals off on an adventure”

“Hit me baby one more time” – #CapeArgus2014 220km

Undoubtedly the world’s most beautiful race, strung out along both coastlines of Cape Town, where Table Mountain serves up a breath taking view to the start of the mountain range running down to the Cape Peninsula. The Cape Argus Cycle race skirts along the eastern side of this range before turning back along some ofContinue reading ““Hit me baby one more time” – #CapeArgus2014 220km”

Sam Weller’s day trip to Wochma 200km

Who Sam Weller is and why Wochma (a town in Estonia) is beyond me, but for my first and certainly not my last double century of the year, it was a corker of a ride. Given the extreme weather of late and a forecast for lashing rain and howling winds on Saturday and lovely calmContinue reading “Sam Weller’s day trip to Wochma 200km”

Kit review: Barmitts – no gloves for winter

The most important aspect of this test was the “do I look like a dork” section. Peaks on helmets and valve caps are big no no’s on the road bike – never substitute substance for style, I have been told. I’ve even had my peak cap and helmet straightened up for photos. The key partContinue reading “Kit review: Barmitts – no gloves for winter”

My plea fell on deaf ears – here it is again – no one get married in 2015. Please!

You may not remember, I sent out a plea “please no one else get married in the first six months of next year.” My plea fell on deaf ears it seems. So it’s back to the drawing board for next years cycling plans as one of our longest standing friends, I saw this chap born,Continue reading “My plea fell on deaf ears – here it is again – no one get married in 2015. Please!”

Are @use_exposure lights worth £300 #readme before you buy a light

At £300 a pop, Exposure’s top lights are not so light on the pocket, but are they worth the hefty price tag? Many product reviews come out with a few weeks or months of testing and then get a few stars next to their product. My Exposure Toro (the big daddy of lighting up theContinue reading “Are @use_exposure lights worth £300 #readme before you buy a light”

Never too old to cycle #space4cycling

Yesterdays commute home was special. Pedalling along Fulham road towards Parson Green, I had moved to the outside of the cars as there is a left turn the cars take. Many of the cars don’t indicate, nor look for cyclists on their inside before turning, so I take the safer, outside option. Yesterday was different.Continue reading “Never too old to cycle #space4cycling”