WTNR – Day 1 Menu

The bustling city of Turin, lies at 210m above sea level, laced with a million tramlines, the escape from the city is a less relax affair as riders need to pay attention to keep their wheels out the tramlines. Once clear, a gentle gradient through small villages hides what lies ahead. The Colle del ColombardoContinue reading “WTNR – Day 1 Menu”

Komoot Women’s Torino Nice Rally

http://trackleaders.com/torinonice21f Start: Friday 24 September 08:00am CET Weaving a dusty trail between Torino (Italy) and Nice (France), the Torino Nice Rally (TNR) travels the roads of old, built to defend boarders went times were more turbulent. Forts dot the route, awarding the alert rider to a different struggle. While the weary rider needs only pushContinue reading “Komoot Women’s Torino Nice Rally”

No use crying over a broken @Garmin 810, or is there? @transconrace

I am delighted with devices which help me navigate, I’m not the best map reader and without a good sense of direction I’d be a little stifled if I needed to rely solely on maps. Spending weeks researching the best routes, checking if border crossing are rideable and then plotting the routes to save intoContinue reading “No use crying over a broken @Garmin 810, or is there? @transconrace”

No one likes a quitter, but a double quitter… @transambikerace

Some times the odds are just stacked right up against you, so rather than beat your head against a wall its best to just say “what did I learn from that” and in my case there were some great lessons to take away with me. Of all the types of cycling I have done, IContinue reading “No one likes a quitter, but a double quitter… @transambikerace”

The Adventure isn’t over till the fat achilles sings @transambikerace

A solo, unsupported bike race means you get to take one set of kit only and crucially it needs to be the right kit. With no following car to support there isn’t an opportunity to swap out anything that you’re carrying. Given it is a bike race, time is miles, so any stopping costs youContinue reading “The Adventure isn’t over till the fat achilles sings @transambikerace”

Not all superheroes wear capes. Mine has a bonce-back button #RideForAReason

Being an adult is much like being a child. Life is much more fun when you have a hero, but unlike childhood hero’s ours are real life folk. One of the magical features of my real-life hero is the “Bounce-back Button”. I’ve tried to casually look to see if I can see it, but itContinue reading “Not all superheroes wear capes. Mine has a bonce-back button #RideForAReason”

Why can no one else see the elephant in the room? #bloodycyclists

While we’re all squeezed into the corners of the room, blaming each other while a great, giant elephant is staring us right in the eyes, but no one wants to tackle the elephant issue, because that will look into the core of who we have become as a society. The elephant we are staring atContinue reading “Why can no one else see the elephant in the room? #bloodycyclists”

Decifering Dementia – not a cycling related post #dementiaweek

Children grow up fast and the changes are so apparent when you don’t see them often. I noticed the same with my Mum, she lives in Cape Town, I live in London and with the cost of flying to a popular holiday destination the visits were always few and far between. Being a “guest” inContinue reading “Decifering Dementia – not a cycling related post #dementiaweek”

Marathon Season – happy days

It’s one of our favourite times of the year, Marathon Season. With close to ten years of treating injuries, fixing them feels like old hat, watching the process runners go through and the changes in their bodies is very interesting. We are very lucky to have runners coming to us at the start of theirContinue reading “Marathon Season – happy days”