Fabian’s planket

I love Fabian Cancellara’s tweets, this one is a recent favourite “@f_cancellara Our rooms they have 2 beds.There is a distance betwinn. but this night o’grady stolen my planket.Because he had cold.i taket back ;-)” I got thinking about planket, it’s a really descriptive word which sums up the core exercises I am doing atContinue reading “Fabian’s planket”

A bike under my mattress

Panic time in the lead up to exams would often result in superstitious antics which didn’t bear any fruit. It didn’t stop us putting school books under our pillows hoping for a magical osmotic transference of knowledge from the books into our brains overnight. Being easily distracted, where an abundance of energy meant sitting behindContinue reading “A bike under my mattress”

When dreams come true

Imagine having your dreams come true, winning the lottery, getting that dream job in the Cayman Islands – you’d be hard pressed not to be over the moon. One of my dreams has come true, so why am I suffering with heart palpitations and hyperventilation? Life would be so much easier if I had normalContinue reading “When dreams come true”