Gran Corsa folk

Introducing the Gran Corsa crew and riders: Our support team were introduced to us, quite impressive and it’s starting to feel like a “pro tour”. Crew Phil Deeker heads up the team, with several tour challenges under his belt and a very experienced rider in his own right, the brief ran on time and detailedContinue reading “Gran Corsa folk”

@MarkCavendish makes my day

Anyone who’s been anywhere near the pointy end of a peleton hammering towards the white line at the end of a race, knows firstly it’s not easy and secondly you need big cajones to get anywhere near the front. As a pigeon chested, Schleck-armed, cajonesless, lightweight grimpeur, I’m squirted out the back of a bunchContinue reading “@MarkCavendish makes my day”

Giro d’Italia for amateurs

In June I’ll be taking on the Giro d’Italia, the very same the pros race, with this years route covering 3496km in 21 stages. A little maths indicates an average of 170km per day with around 2,400m of climbing per day. Mmm a little close to riding 18 Etapes back to back. The Pros raceContinue reading “Giro d’Italia for amateurs”

Perfecting the art of U-turns

My poor Garmin appears to be developing a slight personality disorder, for years it’s been zip-tied to the stem on my various bikes, every time I switch it on it must be quietly mumbling a mantra of “Hope I don’t mess up today”. Between constantly recalculating routes and getting yelled at for sending me downContinue reading “Perfecting the art of U-turns”

What does UCI stand for?

Watching the race radio debate unfold, I only really listened with one ear, kind of understanding both sides, but not informed enough to have my own opinion on the matter. I like exciting racing, but also understand rider safety, given they make their living on the roads, not in the safety of an office withContinue reading “What does UCI stand for?”

Put me back on my bike

“Men and mountains have been traditional enemies since the dawn of time. High peaks present a constant challenge to man’s ambition, his need to prove to himself that he can conquer nature.”, wrote Roger St. Pierre in a 1967 Daily Mirror tribute to Tom Simpson. But sometimes nature gets the better of us and withContinue reading “Put me back on my bike”