#ParisRoubaix 2013 – I’ll have mine on the rocks

Last year I spent two weeks in the panic chamber, phaffing over bikes, kit, wheels and tyre pressure. It all went to plan and even my lightweight frame (mine not the bike) managed to glide across the cobbles unhindered. A year on and I couldn’t wait to get back on the cobbles, without doubt ParisContinue reading “#ParisRoubaix 2013 – I’ll have mine on the rocks”

What goes up, must come down…

…and up it went and down it came. 201km over some of the Tours great climbs, there was only ever going to be one way to describe this Etape: Tough. Four major climbs dotted the profile, but on closer inspection the flat sections were in fact gradual inclines to the base of the climbs. AsContinue reading “What goes up, must come down…”

@raphacharlie Marigolds to a bike race?

Marigolds, quintessentially the domain of the domestic scene and not really the domestique seen (in them). The creme de la creme of washing up gloves, in a range of colours to suit your outfit of the day, they can be dressed up with some feathers on the cuff or perhaps a string of pearls. NeatlyContinue reading “@raphacharlie Marigolds to a bike race?”

2 down, 1 to go

The Etape-2 looms on the horizon, another epic stage of iconic Tour climbs, five in total, all of which I’ve ridden before. Where ignorance is bliss, knowing what lies up the road can burst that blissful bubble. So to keep the mind focussed I have a “top-tube timetable” (so to speak) giving me the headsContinue reading “2 down, 1 to go”

Touched by the hand of God #L2P2012

“Lying in bed in the hotel room I can hear the rain hammering down outside” is the opening line in Stephen Roche’s recently published book “Born to Ride”. 25 years later 460 riders gathered to commemorate his incredible Triple Crown win by riding the 2012 London2Paris Hotchilee event. The night before the start all ofContinue reading “Touched by the hand of God #L2P2012”