@Regus_UK BUYER BEWARE! Rent at Your Peril. Pls RT to get the word out @bbcwatchdog

I wanted to use a serviced office to help save time, what I’ve ended up with is a massive headache, a diversion of my time to try and resolve problems created by Regus which are beyond comprehension and have cost me time away from trying to run a business. If you are looking for office space be warned to look elsewhere, Regus will cost you time and money.
I signed up for a years rental which included 3 months rent free: the 1st, 5th and 9th month are rent free. So in the 5 months I’ve been renting I should have paid 3 months rent, my statement should look something like this:

Deposit £1,698.00
Jul-16 Free
Aug-16 £1,018.80
Sep-16 £1,018.80
Oct-16 £1,018.80
Nov-16 Free
Total £4,754.40

Instead it looks like this:
Aug-16 £1,698.00
Aug-16 £1,698.00
22-Aug-16 £1,018.80
01-Sep-16 £1,018.80
22-Aug-16 £1,018.80
30-Sep-16 £1,698.32
31-Oct-16 1,163.70
23-Nov-16 1,054.80
23-Nov-16 £1,054.80
23-Nov-16 £0.00
23-Nov-16 £1,054.80
30-Nov-16 £1,114.80
Total £13,593.62

ALMOST £10,000 more then I should have been invoiced for and actually that’s more than my entire contract value. Talk about incompetent.

It doesn’t take a genius to work out that there is something fundamentally wrong with their accounting. Do you think they can resolve this cockup? Not yet because it would seem the arse does not know what the elbow is doing. And the receptists left to deal with the mess have no idea what they are doing, the regional managers bearly interact with you, before the ink is even dry on the contract you will be relgated to the back of the queue on customer service and don’t hold your breath that anyone will get back you anytime soon. That excuse of “my dog ate my homework” rings true or in the case of Regus, “our servers are not working properly” means your emails are “not recieved”. You’ll be hard pressed to get them to sort out a mess within their region.

Don’t for one minute think their “free and easy to transfer to another office” holds true either. You’ll be billed exit fees (around £211.00) even though you’re not exiting and if you’ve been offered a free three months on your contract, this is excluded from the “free and easy to transfer” bullshit. They will take away that offer too and if you read the fine print, oh they can resind that deal at their descretion too.

So BUYER BEWARE! Rent from Regus at your peril. They will not make your life easy and you will waste valuable business time if they cockup your account or if you try to transfer offices.

You know that saying: if an offer looks too good to be true, it probaby is. NEVER AGAIN!!


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