Don’t Jump Thursday #DJThursday

Last year some cabbies put up a camera to capture the number of cyclists skipping the lights at a T-junction. Watching the recording highlighted just how many cyclists use the route – I can’t remember where it was.

At the time I wondered what the impact would be on other traffic if all the cyclists stopped at the red light and left when the lights turned green and not a second before. It struck me as a rather canny way to have a silent protest and show how much more we would impact traffic if every cyclist stopped at red.

So heres my thought: if every Thursday every cyclist stopped at red and waited for the lights to turn before moving off, how long would it take for the cabbies (and other road users) to agree that setting cyclists off earlier than cars would be a great idea? How long before they started demanding segregated lanes for cyclists so we don’t hold cars up when the lights change?

Join #DJThursday, wait at lights and encourage others to join in. Who knows we could start a revolution demanded, not by cyclists, but vehicles.


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