Are @use_exposure lights worth £300 #readme before you buy a light

At £300 a pop, Exposure’s top lights are not so light on the pocket, but are they worth the hefty price tag? Many product reviews come out with a few weeks or months of testing and then get a few stars next to their product.

My Exposure Toro (the big daddy of lighting up the path ahead) has been strapped to the front of my bike for five years. Being somewhat safety conscious, and these little LEDs earn a lot of respect on the road, my lights run every day whether its light or dark – one can’t earn enough respect on our busy roads. They’re also accustomed to riding in rain, shine, sleet or snow, somewhere in me there must be a little Belgian trying to get out.

They get charged up once a week, twice if we are doing night-cross in winter. In the 5 years of running them down and charging them up, I’ve never noticed (touches wood) a decline in the hours they burn or the quality of light they shed.

On an Epic night ride of 3 hours around Richmond Park at 11pm in the lashing rain (I blame the little Belgian) I stopped to sort out a puncture having bunny hopped some branches, the light seemed to falter – perhaps it’s not Belgian enough. After that it seemed to work intermittently on the “front end” but still ran the back light, then the front end gave up. I was gutted, thinking there goes £300.

I had no receipt, no proof of ownership, nor did I think the warrantee would extend after a year or two at most. Customer Service at Exposure were fantastic, they said to send it in as it was most likely a lose wire. I got an email when my lights arrived and one to say it was being sent back to me. When I scrolled down the page, there was no charge.

So if you are wondering whether the £300 price tag is worth it, I would say hell yeah! And for these reasons:
5 years on one set of batteries
Solid metal construction, all sealed up very nicely, probably indestructable, but not tested this.
Waterproof as ducks you-know-what (no this excludes swimming)
Plug in bright back light – powers off one unit
USB rechargeable
Solid metal attachment to the bike, never broken one yet, despite the light moving from one bike to another frequently. Nor has the light ever fallen off, even when I have.
Gets huge respect on the road (careful not to blind oncoming cars – angle them down in traffic)

Before you cough at the price, add up the money you’ll have spent on lights, batteries, broken mountings, £300 is not bad for 5 years of dedicated service – and counting.


4 thoughts on “Are @use_exposure lights worth £300 #readme before you buy a light

  1. Nice review and very interesting. I looked at the Exposure lights 2 years ago when I was in the market for a new light. I liked the fact it was cable free but was talked out it and into getting the Lupine Tesla 5 which I must admit is a great light and has served me well. I do however wished I’d gone for the cable free Exposure as sometimes the cables are a hassle.

    Would certainly revisit Exposure again when my next light purchase is due, hopefully not for a while yet!

  2. Another very happy USE/Exposure customer. I run two Stradas in rotation most days, then both together on overnight rides. I bought them both as ex-demo on ebay years ago yet in a chat with the Exposure people at the Bike Show at the NEC in September, they offered to replace my remote switch cables for free — not because they’re not working properly but only because I expressed a desire for them to be a little longer. They are re-wiring them – as I said, for free! Can’t beat that kind of service.

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