Never too old to cycle #space4cycling

Yesterdays commute home was special. Pedalling along Fulham road towards Parson Green, I had moved to the outside of the cars as there is a left turn the cars take. Many of the cars don’t indicate, nor look for cyclists on their inside before turning, so I take the safer, outside option. Yesterday was different. As I approached the turn there was a car indicating turn, with a cyclist coming along the inside. The car waited for the cyclist, who was not going very fast, to pass before turning.

I was hoping the lights ahead would change so I could chat the cyclist, which they did. I stopped in the ASL, leaving some space for the other cyclist, thankfully he pulled up next to me. I am always chatting to cyclists, so my usual “how are you today”, was greeted with a smile. The gentlemen was clearly not a young man, he was dressed in a tan coloured suit and was wearing a helmet. When I asked him how long he had been cycling, he said twenty years. Now this is the part I was not expecting, to which he added. “I am 83”. Incredible. He went on to tell me he cycles about 2 hours a day between all his business meetings.

What really surprised me was how the cars gave him the space he needed on the road and were patient to wait for him to pass. Long may this become the norm for us all. I was just happy to be able to chat to him and to know you are never too old to ride your bike.

He has been voted my Rider of the Week. Just sorry I couldn’t take a photo for the blog.

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