2 down, 1 to go

20120708-155600.jpgThe Etape-2 looms on the horizon, another epic stage of iconic Tour climbs, five in total, all of which I’ve ridden before. Where ignorance is bliss, knowing what lies up the road can burst that blissful bubble. So to keep the mind focussed I have a “top-tube timetable” (so to speak) giving me the heads up on what’s coming up and where those crucial water stations are in relation to the climbs.

While my formal training has been non-existent his year, mostly it’s been the commute to and from work, with the odd ride out to Windsor. A combination of poor weather and fatigue from last years efforts, put me on the sofa for a huge chunk of time. Coupled with an appetite the likes I’ve never seen before, grams turned to KGs and I surpassed my regular weight while the pounds continued to click up. In my mind I kept saying the added pounds would help my Paris-Roubaix efforts, I doubt that was the case. However, those additional 5 bags of sugar I’d have to lug up the Pyrenees would definitely be noted, most likely in my lungs, followed by my legs.

20120708-164005.jpgBeing somewhat exposed in a bathing costume in a steam room, there’s no way to hide those extra pounds with careful clothing choices, hearing I was carrying 3kgs too much from those in the know, was what I needed to adjust some habits. I have never had to diet before and I can certainly say I don’t have the character for it, the only way it was going to happen was to cut portions and no carbs at night, well most nights. I’m sure there were some extra calories burnt chewing through those extra veg, I’d forgotten how easy carbs are to plough through.

20120708-144434.jpgThe weight seemed to drop very slowly and I was wondering whether I’d have to chew for longer or take more drastic measures. So this was a welcome sight one week to go before the Etape. Still a massive 4kg more than when I did the Etape last year, but that was exceptional, but none the less a good 2.5kg lighter that a few months back. Phew.

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