Fabian’s planket

I love Fabian Cancellara’s tweets, this one is a recent favourite “@f_cancellara Our rooms they have 2 beds.There is a distance betwinn. but this night o’grady stolen my planket.Because he had cold.i taket back ;-)”

I got thinking about planket, it’s a really descriptive word which sums up the core exercises I am doing at the moment, it conjures up thoughts of bricking it, something that happens when you have to get down to the nitty gritty of doing “the plank”.

The plank in effect is making your body into a tabletop and supporting yourself through your core, get yourself into the starting position of a pushup and then hold it, hold it, not yet, hold it. Maintaining just two contact points with the ground, your hands and your feet.

How hard could that be (looked easy in the pictures), so for added effect I got this suspension system, it really is an exercise piece of equipment, I promise. All that’s needed is to hook your feet into the system so they are a couple of centimetres off the ground, then off you go, “planket”.

Within 20 seconds my two contact points became three, with my belly on the ground like a humilated banana. Followed by hysterical gales of laughter meant as I was now stuck in suspended animation and remained there until the laughter abated. I daren’t say how I got myself out of such a sorry state, by needless to say, thankfully their were no witnesses to my disentanglement.

So if you need to planket, follow Fabian’s advice just “taket back” from O’Grady.

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