A bike under my mattress

Panic time in the lead up to exams would often result in superstitious antics which didn’t bear any fruit. It didn’t stop us putting school books under our pillows hoping for a magical osmotic transference of knowledge from the books into our brains overnight.

Being easily distracted, where an abundance of energy meant sitting behind a desk studying was near impossible, the only way to get through volumes of study material was to have an incentive programme. One block of chocolate per chapter, a movie a the end of the week, a run when I re-sited the right stuff. Ironing, something I have avoided for the past 7 years because it’s a loathsome task, became an attractive distraction.

So why am I looking at the price of ironing boards online? Feeling a little overwhelmed after closely analysing the 2011 Giro route, taking my ironing board and burying it in the sand along with my head seems like a great option. 50,000m of climbing lie ahead, that’s climbing Mount Everest 6.5 times in 3 weeks, twice each week and on two days, we’re close to summiting Everest with a whooping 6,500m in one day where the kindness of the organisers overwhelms with a generous 230km in which to complete our “summit”.

Standing at the foot of my bed, wondering how to get my bike under the mattress in the hope that some osmotic transference will magically happen overnight.

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