When dreams come true

Imagine having your dreams come true, winning the lottery, getting that dream job in the Cayman Islands – you’d be hard pressed not to be over the moon. One of my dreams has come true, so why am I suffering with heart palpitations and hyperventilation?

Life would be so much easier if I had normal dreams like normal people, but NO I have to have these crazy, harebrained ideas that sound like a great idea at the time. Only when reality sets in there’s a mild panic followed by, OMG why did I tell anyone I was going to do this.

Just to clarify, I’m a normal (questionable at this moment in time) person with a regular job, who cycles the types of rides other normal people ride. I had this crazy dream to ride a grand tour, they paint such a lovely picture of the event, beautiful weather, riders sweeping through the sunflowers, flying up mountains, taking glory over the finishline. What’s not to love about it and if they can do it, surely so can I. Problem is “they” are men and their job is to ride their bikes all day.

Well reality has set in. I’m about to embark on 18 E’tape du Tours literally back to back. I’m discounting the 3 days of time trials because they are shortish days. With an average of 166km per day, 9 plus 200km stages of which 4 are in the high mountains, the only question I have is where is the eject button on my bike.


So all that’s left to do now, is to fund raise and train my cotton socks off. Right coach, where’s that evil plan you have for me.

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